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We are recruiting!

Harm Reduction Journal is recruiting Associate Editors. As the growth and impact of the journal continues, we must also ensure that it is able to cope with increased submissions and maintain our high editorial standards. 

Sections are led managed by our dedicated team of Section Editors and our Editor-in-Chief, Prof. Nick Crofts. We are looking for Associate Editors to help handle and make decisions on manuscripts submitted to these sections.

We encourage applications from researchers in any area of harm reduction. Previous editorial experience is desired but other applications will be considered.

Harm Reduction Journal is the leading open access journal in the field of harm reduction and publishes impactful research on approaches diminishing the harm of stigmatization and criminalization of public health, human rights and social justice issues. The journal has a broad scope and considers harm reduction applications beyond just substance use.

Who are we looking for?

We are interested in individuals who are engaged and are willing to work with a dedicated Editorial Board to handle manuscripts submitted to the journal. 

You should hold a senior position in academia (Associate Professorship desired) or community practice and have a minimum of twenty research papers published in reputable peer-review journals, including a track-record of relevant work in harm reduction and public health research. You would ideally have good editorial experience and familiarity with the open access model.

Role and Responsibilities

As Associate Editor, you will report to the Section Editors and Editor-in-Chief, taking responsibility for checking the suitability of manuscripts within your field of expertise and guiding them through the peer review, revision and publication processes. The core responsibilities of an Associate Editor lie in manuscript review and preparation, and journal advocacy.

Manuscript review and preparation

  • Associate Editors handle new manuscripts assigned to them by the Section Editors or Editor-in-Chief, ensuring peer review is swift, thorough and efficient. You will make final decisions on publication yourself after an initial trial period of recommendations.
  • Associate Editors ensure comments from peer-review are incorporated into the manuscript appropriately and that the authors’ work is described as clearly and completely as necessary.
  • Associate Editors ensure all manuscripts recommended for acceptance meet the standards and scope of the journal, under the guidance of the Section Editors and Editor-in-Chief. 

Journal advocacy

  • Associate Editors are an ambassador for the Journal in their field, representing Harm Reduction Journal at international/national conferences, highlighting the ethos, impact and aims of the Journal.
  • You will be an active member of the Springer Nature editorial community, engaging with editorial colleagues on other journals and assisting the Editor-in-Chief and Section Editors in driving collaboration on projects as necessary.

Our Associate Editors will receive training, and our in-house editorial team will also provide administrative support. 

Associate Editors will have a controlled number of assignments to avoid overburdening, as well as access to a limited number of discounts for publication. The Editor-in-Chief and the publisher are currently exploring further reimbursement for editors of the Harm Reduction Journal.

If you are interested in becoming an Associate Editor for Harm Reduction Journal, please complete the following form.

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