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Article collections

Community-Engaged Harm-Reduction Research for Social Justice
Edited by Liliane Cambraia Windsor, Devin Banks, Ellen Benoit, Holly Hagan
Collection published: 15 June 2024; Open till 15 March 2025

Harm Reduction in Europe: Histories, Choices and Hopes
Edited by Iga Jeziorska, Katrin Schiffer, Rafaela Rigoni &
Roberto Perez Gayo
Collection published: January 2024; Open till 30 June 2024

Harm reduction online and for online gambling
Edited by Mark van der Maas, Michael Egerer, MichaƂ Bujalski, Edmond Fehoko & Aino Suomi
Collection published: November 2023; Open till 30 June 2024

HARENE: Fostering Francophone Community-based Participatory Harm Reduction Research 
Edited by Perrine Roux
Collection published: November 2023; Open till 31 July 2024

The Changing Face of Harm Reduction (Ongoing)
Edited by Nick Crofts (Editor-in-Chief) and Section Editors, Angus Bancroft & Aleksey Lakhov, James McVeigh, Danya Fast & Florian Scheibein, & Michael Egerer

Policing, Law Enforcement and Harm Reduction
Edited by: Brandon del Pozo, Jennifer J. Carroll, Mukta Sharma, Prof Nick Crofts
Collection published: June 2022

Young people, drugs and harm reduction
Edited by: Alissa Greer, Danya Fast, Angela McBride, Florian Scheibein
Collection published: February 2022

Alcohol Harm Reduction 2021 and Beyond: Current Status of Policy, Programs and Practices
Edited by: Bernie Pauly, Nick Crofts
Collection published: October 2021

Developments in global tobacco and alcohol policy
Collection published: April 2020

The Involvement and Engagement of Peers in Research
Edited by: Annie Madden, Jo Neale & Carla Treloar
Collection published: May 2019

Harm Reduction Journal 15th anniversary
Edited by: Nick Crofts
Collection published: April 2018

The state of harm reduction in Eastern Europe and Central Asia
Edited by: Frederick Altice and Nick Crofts 
Collection published: August 2018

Flipping the iceberg on gambling harm reduction and prevention: Challenges, opportunities, and pathways to policy reform
Edited by: Samantha Thomas and Maria Bellringer 
Collection published: April 2018

Global and local perspectives on tobacco harm reduction
Edited by: Sharon Cox and Lynne Dawkins
Collection published: April 2018

The state of harm reduction in North America in 2017
Edited by: Ernest Drucker, Nick Crofts and Euan Lawson
Collection published: May 2017

Harm reduction in Asia and the Pacific
Edited by: Tasnim Azim and Nick Crofts
Collection published: October 2015

Advances in sports nutrition, exercise and medicine
Collection published: July 2012

Law enforcement and harm reduction in SE Asia
Edited by: Nick Thomson, Brigitte Tenni, Timothy John Moore, Nick Crofts
Collection published: July 2012