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Table 2 Health and social intervention indicators for people who use opioids and people who inject drugs being used at European Union level

From: Monitoring quality and coverage of harm reduction services for people who use drugs: a consensus study

Intervention Indicators Countries, out of 30, reporting in 2011–2015a Data type Additional information
 Drug treatment (total) All clients 30 Counts
 OAT All clients, by OAT medication 30, 30 Counts Legal framework/providers
 NSP Syringes provided, clients, contacts, fixed sites, outreach sites 25, 19, 20, 28, 26 Counts Estimated reporting coverage (%), NUTS2/3 levelb
 OAT OAT clients divided by the estimated number of opioid users (Fig. 1) 20 % Confidence intervals, estimation methods
 NSP Syringes provided divided by the estimated number of PWID (Fig. 2) 14 % Confidence intervals, estimation methods
  1. Available at
  2. aYear of reporting data to EMCDDA–the actual study year (year of primary data collection) is mostly 1 year earlier
  3. bNomenclature of Territorial Units for Statistics